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I’m glad my friend encouraged me to see you, even after I already retained a different lawyer. As I told you, I did not have that comfort level that you gave me. Having to pay a second lawyer was nothing, considering you walked me out of court on my second alcohol violation (even with the accident). Just like you promised. Your awesome! Best wishes for the future.

– Baltimore County

Bruce sorry for being such a pain! Although being stopped for a DUI as well as possession of cocaine was pretty scary for me, I would have lost my job. I have no idea what you did but thanks for getting the DUI and the possession of cocaine charge dropped to possession of paraphanalia only. You did save my life. You will be recommened.

– Queen Anne’s County

You are unreal. My third DUI offense, without you, I got a year in jail. My fourth DUI, with you, no jail time. I know I promised never again but then my fifth offense. After an accident and a .23 blood test at the hospital- and a three day jury trial, not guilty on the DUI and the negligent driving. Bruce, anybody that fails to hire you as their lawyer for a DUI charge is either drunk or stupid. Simple as that. Thanks for fighting so hard for me!

– Carroll County

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for representing Thomas on his D.U.I. charge. You were awesome in court! We had a really tough Judge, but you turned the tables by showing the police errors. The Judge became tough on the police and Tom was found Not Guilty!

Thank you!
Neil and Ellen

– Baltimore County

“Give me your card. Police Officers get in trouble too.”
– Howard County Police Officer

I don’t normally read or write testimonials, but after my case, I am compelled to write one for you. Second DUI offense, blew .09, at fault accident which was witnessed by a state trooper. You talked me into turning down the state offer in order to try the case. Not Guilty!

– Montgomery County

How did you do that?

Minor Under 21:
Property Damage Accident
Blow .15 (considered a super blow)
Marijuana Possession * Odor of alcohol * slurred speech *glassy eyes

Charges: Result
21-902 A Not Guilty
21-902 B Not Guilty
Possession of Marijuana Not Guilty
Negligent Driving Guilty

Thank you.

– Anne Arundel County

It is with the utmost of respect and appreciation I send you this testimonial. After being arrested for my third DUI, we discussed all of my options and developed our defense strategy. At 39 years old, I was facing sure jail time and the loss of a very lucrative career. Your positive optimism and genuine concern was very reassuring and made me feel more comfortable sorting through all the possible outcomes. Even with a hangman judge on the bench, we not only had the charges reduced, but effectively dismissed after review by the issuing court. If anyone doubts your ability or desire to defend them, please feel free to place a conference call and I’ll make myself available. Thanks for your dedication and wisdom in literally saving my life.

– Montgomery County

Bruce – You Deliver Big!

I wanted to write you a thank you letter so others may know the work you do. In fact, I chose you because of the word of others and now I want to add my own story. It was foreign to me to be in trouble, let alone to be charged with an extremely serious alcohol related offense.

-Having struck multiple cars,
-Failing to stop after several different accidents,
-Driving down the street with airbags blown,
-Driving on rims of the car because tires blown,
-Witnesses galore,It was nothing short of surreal!

I didn’t know what to do at the police station but they told me I needed to blow in the machine so I did- BAC .20. Boy was I in trouble.

I spent many a restless nights worrying about this horrible mess. However, I know that you also spent many restless hours working on my case, finding the right expert for me, and developing a good defense. You worked tirelessly to defend me at it paid off on the day of trial. All alcohol charges dropped.

You work hard and you deliver big. Other people should know that about you when looking for a qualified attorney to defend their DUI. If qualified representation is needed, you are the man for the job.


– AnneArundelCounty
“…The state’s case had holes in it and Mr. Robinson drove a truck through them.”
– Judge, Baltimore County District Court

Dear Bruce,

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me in the past three years. In May of 2005, I got my 1st DUI and I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help. After looking on the Internet and reading your testimonials, I knew that you were the right guy for the job. When I contacted you, you called me right back, met with me on a holiday and reassured me that everything would be all right. Without hesitation you jumped headfirst into my case and the result… no jail time.

The following year, I got my second and third DUIs, 4 months apart, and contacted you about it, ashamed and terrified that I would surely go to jail this time. You gave me suggestions, in which I followed without hesitation and the result? You worked day and night to see that I would receive no jail time and your hard work and dedication paid off. No fines and no jail time!

Finally, I had to deal with a violation of probation. After sleepless nights, the day of the trial came and I was prepared to face serious time in jail. With shaking knees and my toothbrush packed, I entered to courtroom, you plead my case and I received no fines and no jail time!

I don’t know how you do it Bruce. Not only are you a master at your profession, but a caring individual who wants the best for his clients. You know the law inside and out and you know the right strategies to help out your clients. I give a satisfaction guaranteed to anyone who chooses to have you represent them.

Thanks a million,
Lisa, Baltimore County